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Do you want 50,000 dollar right now? What would you do with it? 
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Thank you for giving us the chance to invite you in our program.

This program really works. You will receive more than 50,000 dollar by following this program.

The ones in a life time investment of just 10.- US $ is the key to success.
There are absolutely no monthly fees, no renewing fees, no hidden costs involved. 
(We declare 100% of the costs.)

Your one time buy will insert the change of your life, with multiple pay outs of             50,000 dollar each. That is true.

             We are not talking about thousands and thousands of dollars to invest.             No, this dream of financial freedom is just a one time investment of                  incredible 10,- dollar. 
       Yes, you heard right, just 10 dollar. 

Ask yourself, how many times did you buy lottery tickets without getting anything? 

How much more did you spend already on systems like lottery? You know the answer. You spend probably more than a hundred, right?!

Could you help to win? No? Of course not. But here you can. You can physically help to get thousands of dollars in this system. But don't worry, you can, but that doesn't mean you have to. It will work on its own as well.

Of course there will be some people around you, or even you who might think “that doesn't work for me” “I am too late” “I am not lucky enough”  “the last ones will suffer” “I cant do this” or what ever comes in the minds of the 
negative people.

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Fact is, that this program works and wins for you.
Find out how you can receive more than 50,000 dollar maybe more than once and how you can help to archive your dreams.

here is how it works:
Lets make it simple and easy.
Your ticket will be a one time, once in a life time investment of just 10 dollar (you stay in the system and roll over and over again, with another win of more than 50,000 dollar, it will not stop until you decide to quit. (Just a fool would quit, right?)You will not be charged for exit or anything else.)

After we receive your payment of just 10 dollar, you will be getting a welcome email within 12 hrs.
This welcome email will give you the details of your ticket spot, your ID number and login details.

We will update you with regular emails how much closer you come to your next payday.
As more time goes by, more friends are joining your system as more paydays you will have.
Of course you should tell everybody you know about your system, than faster it goes.

 Just imagine this, this is a world wide system, how many people can join this system? It will be billions of people signing up right after you. And imagine this, how often YOU will have your payday because of that?

How the money is spend:
We are so open and confident that we can show exactly how we spend the money.
Out of the 10 dollar payment of every person, we take just 1 dollar for our back round work, advertisement in the Internet, service, website providing, accounting, mailing etc.
That means we give 9 dollar towards the pot.

Out of your “payday” of more than 50,000 dollar, you agree that we take 10 dollar for your next ticket. You can let us know if you don't want us to do so, and we will pay out the full amount. That will be your exit. No problem, no fees.

Why it works:
Ask your self, how much could you possible loose (if you do think this can not work for you)?
How many people after you, tomorrow or later will see this website and will join? And you will not be in this system BEFORE them? That would be sad. With every single person coming time wise after you, you are coming closer towards your payday.
And calculate this: it takes just 5120 people signing up time wise after you to have your payday. Just 5120 people. That is great.
Again, how many people can join this system? Yes, everybody. We are a world wide system. Isn't it great?

Here some thoughts for the negative people under us:
- Imagine it works and you are NOT under the thousands of people with a payday of more than 50,000 dollar?
- How many chances did you let go already because you are to suspicious?
- System with an fast end? We operate world wide. If there is an end, than congratulations, you probably scoot though our system several times and received lots of money.
Think about how many people are 17 years old right now. But tomorrow it is their birthday and they can join. How many people are having birthday tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and so on...Everyday people are becoming 18 years old. So, please think again about the end. Yes this is a game, a game plan, a game system what works. There are no guaranties as you can read in our rules, terms and agreements. We can not guaranty your success, but we do guaranty our game plan. We do guaranty OUR work. We are getting paid to do your work. 1 dollar each person. So there is our goal, to get as many person in your system as possible, so we earn our 1 dollar. You see, we work for you. We have the same goals as you. We are a team of success. And you can believe, we DO this, with or without you.

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Start dreaming again. Surprise your spouse. Buy your new car, your new house, or finally your Harley Davidson, you always dreamt of.

Terms and agreements:
You agree to join this private, non public game system. This game system does not guaranty any success of the game. The game system will be fully controlled by the members only, by signing in.
The voluntary donation will be 10 dollar. This money will be paid out regarding the game plan.

1 dollar out of the payment will be taken to provide the service for the members.
Out of every payday out payment the members agrees to donate another 100 dollar towards a new ticket for him/herself.

Why do we choose Central America as our home location?
It is easy. In Central America we have more protection for your money. That means we can provide excellent and secured service.
You can decide how to receive your payday. We pay out via check, wire, western union, money trans or paypal.
The rules and regulations for our system is much more convenient in CA.

Game plan:
Every active member receives a ID number to verify the order in this system. This will be send via email.
Active member is a person who donated 10 dollar towards this system.
You will be on the top of your system. After you will come 2 new members. After this two members will come each two new members as well. After this 4 new members thee will be 8 new members each and so forth. The sing up time is constructing the numbers.
The organization of the members agree and confirm that every 5120th  member there will be a payday. This is an automated computer system what can not be tempered with.
There will be no money being holding back.
Since there is no company involved, just the privacy of each member, there are no other fees or payments necessary then the 1 dollar out of each donation.
There will be no changes in the system. This it how it works. “Never change a winning team”
With agreeing to this terms you accept the publishing of your first name and city you live in towards the regular email which will be send to each member regarding the payday announcements.
We will not give any other private information to third party and other members. The privacy of members is save and secure.

1) copy and paste our pre written email text and send it to everyone you know. As faster as the 5120 members signed up as faster you have YOUR payday, right? (Remember, you don´t have to do that, but it helps) You will receive all this via email

2) or send the email addresses to us and we take care of it. We send email to everybody you know, so they don´t even know that it is you.

since this is a private game plan, controlled by all its members it self, and located in Central America (Belize), this will be ruled by the game plan only.
The only guaranty can be made towards the regulations.
They will be not changed and strictly obeyed.

Sign up now to get started, what else would you want to wait for?

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When you are accepted, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of your position in the program.

Welcome to your financial freedom and the life what you deserve.

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Our program really works.

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